Reflection on teaching

I find myself thinking about how I teach currently versus how I would now like to teach. I am in a fortunate position of having an excellent Program, which is modern and represents aspects of the industry that I believe in. I am, therefore, teaching into a Program that I am happy to stand up and defend. My Program has also been set up by an innovative Head of Program and a lecturer who I respect. We have, as a Program, mapped our PLO’s to the AQF and most courses have had their CLO’s updated consistent to how the University advocates. Having said that, I am enjoying the examination of my chosen course. I find myself getting excited about changing the course, improving it to improve the student experience. My course already gets very high feedback, and it is relevant to the industry. However the course needs to better reflect student needs and industry expectations. There are definitely changes to be made. My advantage is that I am working with a good framework rather than a blank canvas. I can improve the CLOs and the assessment, update the textbook and introduce online teaching and assessment with confidence that the course will do what I want it to do. I find myself motivated to examine all courses in my Program, including the development of new courses, revise the PLOs and set up a you beaut Program that will become the envy of other universities! Our point of difference with other university programs is the inclusion of writing skills for public relations practitioners and the inclusion of marketing for journalists. This provides a well rounded student with high employability. After studying this course, I can now articulate my vision in a pedagogically sound manner. I can justify the teaching philosophy we have adopted and the learning theories we use to teach. I can provide solid explanations of the assessment and I can confidently engage students online. But more than all of that, I now (for the first time) understand how it all fits together. I have a big picture incorporating my little course in the world of tertiary education.

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